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Paying your Electricity via EAZZY 24/7, Equity Bank
■Call *127# and enter your PIN
■Select 4 for Bill Payment
■Select 1 for KPLC 
■Enter your KPLC Account Number (NB: DO NOT ENTER THE HYPEN “-”). e.g Account 0043798-01, should be entered as 004379801 
■Enter the amount you are paying in shillings and separately enter the cents you are paying. e.g if your bill was Ksh 725.35 i) you will firts input 725 and cornfirm ii) and then you will input 35 and confirm again 
■Once successful payment is confirmed, please note the reference number on your KPLC bill as proof of payment
Pay Electricity thru Safaricom
1.Select “Pay Bill” from Mpesa menu.
2.Enter KPLC Business No. 888 888. 
3.Enter Full KPLC A/c No. e.g. 123456-01.
4.Enter the amount to pay Sh100 to 35,000. 
5.Enter Mpesa pin 
6.Confirm all details are correct. 
7.You will Receive a confirmation via SMS. 
KPLC will update your account within 48 hours.
Customer Support: 
Safaricom Customer Care: 234 KPLC Customer Care: 
0722 207 998 – 020 320 1000
Pay Electricity thru Zain ZAP 
■Select Me2U / or Zap (SIM dependent) 
■Select MONEY 
■Select Nickname. In this case nickname is KPLC 
■Enter Amount e.g. 1500 (No comma) 
■Enter your password
■Confirm the transaction 
■In the Reference section enter your KPLC account number including the DASH as follows numbers 12345678-01
■You will instantly receive a confirmation via SMS Please Note Your payment record will updated by KPLC within 24 hours.

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